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Put me at the top of your list for a size M girl-T!


I'll take one also!


oooooooo! Really? Me likey! Where so I sign?


Hey - I know this is not the best place to write this but I have a small request for blip.tv.

The embedd code provided by blip.tv shows up as a image when embedded, with "Click To Play" underneath. So many people tell me that they didn't realise it was a video and that they never play it because it looks just like an image.

Is there a way that I can get the embedd to either look like the blip.tv flash player (but without actually loading the content - ie the way it looks on the blip site) or use the show player with an option to set which video I would like it to start with?

Either would be fine - to be honest anything that actually looks like a video player and not a static image.

I feel like it is a pretty logical option to provide and imo should default to looking like a video player as opposed to an image. The show player is very nice. If I could have control over the playlist order etc - then I would love to use that.

Anyway I hope this feedback is useful, I really like blip.tv - thanks for all your hard work!!

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