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Jackson West

Well I certainly wouldn't suggest that autocratic, nationalist despots under any name are much of an alternative to capitalism. Also, equating industrialization and energy use to progress, even maybe especially on a humanist level, can get a tad murky in the long term. But point taken.

Angus McIntyre

Under the inspired guidance of the Dear Leader, citizens of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea have led the world in voluntarily reducing their demand for energy. While capitalist nations continue to squander scarce resources and pollute the planet with waste, the People's Republic shines as an example of ecological and environmental responsibility. The selfless citizens of the People's Republic, conscious of the need to preserve the environment, have also voluntarily reduced their own demand for rice and other foodstuffs and have renounced the ambition of owning such trappings of capitalist society as automobiles, shopping centers, radios or televisions that can be tuned to more than one channel, and the other "luxuries" with which the capitalist states of the world distract and enslave their oppressed citizens. Victory to the Democratic People's Republic! Victory to Chuch'e Socialism and long life to the Dear Leader!

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